Pretty Code Machine creates and maintains superior CRM systems for socially responsible small businesses.

We systematically grow small businesses with big problems to solve. Most importantly, we make the process fun!

Let’s design a better world together!

Contact Management with Salesforce


Pretty Code Machine enjoys tailoring future-minded Contact Relationship Management (CRM) systems for paradigm-shattering, socially responsible businesses on the platform.

Salesforce’s powerful software offers:

  • Complex automation capabilities to far more easily navigate the customer-centric aspects of your business
  • Dynamic and flexible reporting tools, so you can more effectively manage your assets
  • Mobile apps so you can manage your business on the fly
  • Extensibility with third-party applications like your website, fundraising systems, and much more!

We are excited to develop industry-changing business and marketing systems on the platform and settle for no less.

We Specialize in Integrations

Pretty Code Machine finds value in integrating cloud-based systems as a force multiplier that exponentially increases efficiency and transparency. We embrace the value of connecting Salesforce with external systems like WordPress, Rallybound, Click & Pledge, and others.

Pretty Client Machine is an exclusive partner to clients with critical, world-changing problems to solve. We’ll get you there safe and sound, and make it fun in the process.

Ready to


Connect the systems you rely upon to smoothly manage your business.


Delegate repetitive tasks to software, so you can focus on what’s important.


Move your industry forward by smashing the status quo.