Pretty Code Machine creates and maintains superior business and marketing systems for socially responsible small businesses.

Our core values guide our decision-making process every step of the way. Let’s design a better world together!

Our Core Values


Honesty is the foremost value from which our other core values are implemented. We challenge all assumptions equally in our quest for objectivity.


Mutual success can only be realized when we act ethically, strategically, and transparently. We pride ourselves on providing clear, open, and ongoing communication to create the happy outcomes we all deserve.


The quality of our services and products is guaranteed because innovation is only possible when offering our very best. We embrace abundance, not quantity. We deliver premium quality in a world where planned obsolescence is more commonplace than sustainability.


We encourage an environment of collaboration by actively listening to and engaging with our customers and constituents’ viewpoints. We employ emotional intelligence in the journey towards improving the world together.


We are artists masquerading as business consultants. We enjoy the creative process as much as we love celebrating successful outcomes. We are humanitarian inventors and producers inspired by the masters of the arts and sciences taking advantage of modern technology. Let’s design a better world together!